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Mechatronics brings into focus the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in Engineering. At PaKMan our mechatronic systems will enable the mechatronics engineers to enhance their skills in the modeling, simulation analysis, and control of dynamic systems and understanding of key issues in hardware implementation. Mechatronic systems lie in their multi-domain nature, consisting of many different […]

Practical Training Workshop

Pakman is as well-known as supplier of equipments for practical training and complete workshops for vocational training. We supply complete workshops for technology related subjects. The Equipments that we chose is of the highest quality and we endeavor to always get the best suitable equipments for clients. We provide workshops for: E-learning Electrical & Electronics […]

Project Concepts

Pakman has emerged with several prominent projects that can be appertained to any category of education and training project in developing countries and upcoming markets. The concepts we evolve are concentrated on a turn-key modus operandi whereby we examine the integration of solutions to; labour market requirements, infrastructure, curriculum, teacher training, technical assistance and equipment. […]


¬†¬†Pakman provides specialized equipment for higher educational projects; for scientific demo and experimental laboratories. We focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] subjects. These equipments can also be supplied in Smart Classroom form with digital content for clients, developing a virtual and stimulative learning environment. We provide complete training laboratories for: Science & Technology […]